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Commercial Property Clearance.

Below is a video of one of our clearances in progress from start to finish.

There are written highlights for the hard of hearing or deaf. 

Commercial Property Clearance.


Although the majority of our clearances are for private clients, around 18% of our annual clearance tally are for commercial premises.

Very often these types of clearances throw up challenging circumstances such as restricted parking, poor access, high rise buildings, bailiff involvement etc..  

This type of clearance will require a greater attention to detail and possibly photographs.


When giving a quotation to clear business premises it can be difficult to quantitfy the volume of waste. We have over thirty years experience dealing with the problems that arise.

Such as charging too little and making the clearance unprofitable or quoting too high and becoming uncompetitive.

Standard business practice would be to give your best price and factor in a margin of error of 20%.

We feel this is unfair.

Under these circumstances, we charge by the van load. You only pay for what you use and nothing more.

Normally, we commence a clearance by sending two of our Luton vans and three members of staff and repeat this procedure until the property is cleared.

A much fairer system all round. You only pay for what you use.

Another advantage is we do not need to take up any of your time viewing the property.

If you have commercial premises to clear and would like to discuss your requirements further please telephone 0333 444 4024.




For a quick quote, in the message box above please list the items you would like removing, your name and postcode of the property to be cleared.

Thank you !