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To fully understand how a property clearance works below is a video of

one of our clearances in progress from start to finish.

There are written highlights for the hard of hearing or deaf. 

Hoarding & Unusual Clearances.

Larger ~ Hoarding ~ Unusual 

Property Clearances

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When giving a quotation to clear a larger ~ hoarding ~ unusual  property it's difficult to quantify the volume of waste. We have over thirty years experience dealing with the problems that arise. Such as charging too little and making the clearance unprofitable or quoting too high and becoming uncompetitive. Standard business practice would be to give your best price and factor in a margin of error of 20%.

We feel this is unfair.

Under these circumstances, we charge by the van load. You only pay for what you use and nothing more.

If this was a standard property clearance and you preferred to settle the account by a bank transfer we would ask that we receive cleared funds at least 48hrs

prior to the commencement of the clearance, however, with a larger, hoarding or unusual clearance the fees tend to be considerably higher and it can make potential clients uneasy paying large sums upfront. To counter this problem, we offer a pro-rata payment system whereupon you order your daily requirements and pay as you go.

This keeps you in total control and when you feel we have cleared enough or the clearance is completed that's the end of the contract.

Normally, we commence a clearance by sending two of our Luton vans and three members of staff and repeat this procedure until the property is cleared.

A much fairer system all round. You only pay for what you use. 

Another advantage is we do not need to take up any of your time viewing the property.

Photographs of a recent clearance.

Below are a series of photographs taken from a severe clearance that was recently completed.








To complete this clearance it took ten man days.

In excess of twenty tonnes of waste was removed from the premises.

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